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For general enquiries and further information, please contact us:

Guipúzcoa E 16-55
(between Sevilla and Cádiz)
La Floresta, Quito (Ecuador)
+593 (02) 237 298
+593 (09) 7921 7464


La Casa De La Gringa (Quito) is located in a lovely area of Quito called La Floresta, near the cultural district. La Floresta is the new hip place to be, with art galleries, cafes, movie theaters and parks. It is very close by to La Mariscal and Plaza Foch (15 minutes walk) the neighborhood with all the bars and parties and spanish schools.
Use the location shown on the map below. If you enter the address into Google it says La Casa De La Gringa, Quito is on the wrong side of Coruña.
Tell any taxi that you want to go to Redondel de La Floresta, which all taxis know and is two short blocks from our house.